It feels lately like everyday is some sort of a challenge. Waking up certainly is. Everyday i wake up and another problem is patiently waiting for me to freak out.  And then on top of that i start worrying about my integrity, creativity, life choices. Basically ... everything.
If i were to describe it correctly it feels like having a  sand-clock on your desk and the time is running out and yet you can't calm down in time to finish what you haven't even started. Sounds familiar?

And it is exhausting.
You can't sleep, you can't dream. You are standing some place deserted with your hands tied in a sailor's knot.

Maybe i am exaggerating a bit. I do that for fun sometimes ;)

The thing is, life is funny. It balances itself out. You lose something - you gain something instead. You fall down - you get up. You break your favorite record - you find "the best of" on sale. Your online order of magical cupcakes batter gets lost - you get a free set of knifes. (Just don't kill anyone kay?:D)
The important thing is not to lose hope. And not in a i-am-laughing-with-my-friends-and-eating-ice-cream kinda way. It's when you are at your worst and there is not a single thing that would make you believe otherwise moment. And those...sadly...are very often related to people.  And worst of all, related to people we care deeply about.

So hold that head high and smile. Afterwards if you are crying today - that only means that you will be laughing like an idiot soon enough.



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