Artist of the Week: Nastja

I'm happy to introduce you to my co-autor (starting from February) and my favorite person when it comes to creativity. Say hello to Nastja, aka Makarosh ;)

In case you don't know she is also the one who hand-draw the banner for this blog. And she is amazing. Literally, looking through the portfolio she sent - there is nothing that this girl cannot do! This kinda makes her artist of the month, if not a year, in my eyes.
So i proudly present you Nastja's artwork! And i am just gonna let it speak for itself ;)

Commercial Development


*All of the illustrations, drawings, projects shown above are property of Nastja Makarova and may not be reproduced in any form without her written permission.
Make sure you follow Nastja on her Flickr Page.

Stay tuned for our collaborations that will include digital, analogue & photography posts,interview about Nastja's Projects and many many many more good things to come!
Future posts that will be made from Nastja will be published under her name ;D You will also be able to find our mutual posts under "coautor" tag :)
Sending love


  1. Мой мозг вынесен *____* и сидит такая, молчит, ничего никогда не показывает)))

    1. да да да) это тебе не хвастунишка как ты и я =)

  2. Yay, amazing stuff, I like she changes styles in her art!




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