Artist of the week: Risa Rodil

This time around i am presenting you an amazing talent - Risa Rodil - a 20-year old multimedia artist/designer, nerdfighter, bookworm and a TV show junkie from Manila, Philippines;)  Risa loves butterflies and bunnies way too much. She is afraid of dogs, loves the color pink and wears glasses. She usually lets her designs do most of the talking.
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How did you start with design? And what is it that you do as an artist?
I self-studied Adobe Photoshop when I was 14 years old. I started out doing photo manipulations and mock-up movie posters. There was a short time when I also got interested in Photography, but I eventually lost the interest which leads me to illustration and graphic design. At the moment, I alternately do typographic posters, redesigned book covers/posters and illustration.

What you do in your free time? 
You will either see me in front of my laptop browsing tumblr/designing/having a TV show marathon.. or I'm huddled up in a corner reading a book. I also do commissions and freelance work.

Do you study at the University? 
I attended De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde's School of Design and Arts and just graduated last February with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Arts.
Any other hobbies of yours? 
I love collecting butterfly-related stuff. And I love to travel.

Do you want to work as a professional in this field some day?
I actually am already working as a designer and ideation specialist in a network company here in the Philippines. I started last March, and I'm currently enjoying it so far!
Can you describe your process of creating? 
Whenever I think of a new concept that really excites me, I start by browsing lots of inspiration online. I also have a separate folder for design pegs in my drive, which I browse through every now and then. It usually helps me to list down some keywords beforehand, just to keep my concept on track. I then start with a sketch directly in Illustrator, build my color palette and just play around with all the colors and shapes until I build the image I initially visualized in my head. 

What equipment do you use? 
I use Adobe Illustrator.
Before starting the process do you have a clear concept in your head about what you want to create/achieve? 
Most of the time, yes. But there are also times when the right concept just hits me only when I'm already in the middle of production. 

Where do you get your inspiration? What kind of role does music, literature, Tv shows play here? 
Design-wise, I get lots of inspiration from websites like Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Tumblr, Design Modo, Abduzeedo and Smashing Magazine. My obsession with TV shows and books also contributes a lot to my process because it gives me the opportunity to create something that interests me and to share it with people that have the same interests.
Any artists your look up to? 
I am a HUGE fan of Olly Moss, Ty Mattson, Saul Bass, Chris Piascik, Jessica Hische and Mary Kate McDevitt. Outside the design world.. authors including John Green, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins and JK Rowling are just some of the people I really look up to.

What do you do when you have inspiration withdrawal, nothing is working out the way you want to? 
Oh yes that happens to me a LOT. Basically when this happens, I sleep. And eat. Or maybe fangirl over my OTPs, favorite books and shows, or try to travel and unwind with friends. As much as possible, I don't try to force myself to design something when I know I'm not in the mood. Much better to let the ideas flow at their own pace, than try to squeeze my head only to create something that looks insincere.
What is the one thing that makes you different from anybody else?
Hmm, that's a tough one. Having my design style in mind, I think I'll just leave you with this:
Less is more. 

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