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Theo Gosselin. A french photographer this time around. From Paris. Every time i stumble on artists like these, i wonder if everything i do and take photos of even has meaning. There is so much romance and passion and freedom and atmosphere in their photos. Inspiration. Hope. Love. It makes me wonder when or if i will be able to achieve that. If i'm missing my moment. If i'm not even near it. If i'm even capable of ever feeling like this. And it makes me want to live my life more fully. The purity of the photos comes from the fact that none of them are planned. Or at least they seem that way. Upon trying to contact Theo for an interview, i received this message.
Bonjour je suis actuellement non disponible,
je suis sur la route pour mes projets photographiques.

je serai de retour bientôt


Théo Gosselin.


Hello I am currently not available
I'm on the road for my photographic projects.

I will be back soon


Théo Gosselin 
Well, next time maybe ;)
" Deliberately cinematic, Gosselin's photography reveals friends in the act of escaping from their regular lives into newly enticing and perilous modes of existence, ever in search of the persistent though elusive idea of freedom. "


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