Last thing for 2013.

                                                                                                     Got a polaroid picture in my wallet
I’m not going to tear it no I’m not gonna spoil it
It’s an unspoken heartbreak
A heartbroken handshake I’ll take with me where I go
And three words on the tip of my tongue
Not to be spoken nor sung
Or whispered to anyone
Till I scream them at the top of my lungs agai

After a while it doesn't really matter - who said what and who did what and what went wrong and what could have been done better. Or the fact that you still have questions, but it's pointless to ask them. I guess this is what growing up feels like. It's like driving a car through the fog. (Which should also be understood quite literally, because i don't even have my driver's license) Just hoping you are not gonna hit anything. 

This is it for 2013. 




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