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1 Inspiration Post of many more to come.Will try to post these every week or every 2 weeks, based on the amount of things i find worth checking out.

Sophia Bush Stuns with her Hollywood Style!
Article from Refinery HERE
I 've been quite a fan of Sophia throughout the years. I am a huge One tree hill sappy fan. And seeing how her style has been changing through the years has been fun. I love how she is so passionate about so many things. It's like she possesses a unique adoration towards art and style and fashion and environment. And it also feels like she is complete as a person. I can only imagine how it is at times when you are surrounded with so many things you love. But i guess the most important thing is not possessing all of this stuff, and making your surroundings pretty. It should come from within and from that inner happiness of being surrounded with certain people and be given certain opportunities.

Stock Inspiration
Emma Watson/Kaya Scodelario

Worth Checking out: Woodkid & Imagine Dragons.
Woodkid is the musician alias of Yoann Lemoine, a French director/singer/songwriter.

Songs: Run boy run, Iron, Wasteland, Baltimore's Fireflies. Currently 2 Eps are out!

Imagine Dragons is a four-piece rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that formed in 2008. 
Currently 2 Eps are out and their first album "Night Visions" has been released on 4.09.12.
Songs: Demons, Radioactive, My Fault, It's Time, Bleeding out

Greetings from Jeff Buckley
Interview with Penn Badgley in Vulture HERE
I am not really a big Gossip girl fan. To be honest that show is like trying to make a right out of many wrongs for me. But i was surprised to find this interview of Penn Badgley and some info about his upcoming film "Greetings from Tim Buckley" that was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. At some point Penn comes out douchy-like at the interview, but i liked the overall atmosphere, because it shows something atypical about him. And i guesses i liked the whole struggling person, doesn't like what he is doing thing. Reminds us that these people are also simply people, and sometimes just getting a part at some show doesn't mean that they feel blessed about what they are doing. Anyway i think this movie about Jeff Buckley (American singer, most known for his cover of  Leonard's Cohen "Hallelujah", died at the age of 30) is maybe worth checking out. It certainly has a hint of something to it.

so this will be it from me for today!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this photoshoot, Amra! I missed it. Sophia's gorgeous!

    1. glad i could be of use <3 Soph is the most prettiest person alive ;D

  2. Replies
    1. yes ;D that Sophia Bush photosession in itself is an inspiration of every fashion photographer ;D ^_^
      thank you for your comment :)




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