Lana Del Rey Style

I just realized one of the most hurting truths there is today - people only care IF YOU DON'T. That's the nature of every human being. The moment somebody ignores us, hurts us, underestimates us - we get this gut wrenching feeling, that is just destroying everything on it's way in order to prove somebody they are wrong. But there is really no point of me explaining this into millions of tiny little sentences, that are supposedly gonna make things better. Besides i always feel somehow naked on here, putting it all into writing that everyone can see. 
I really miss summer. 
Dress: Taily Weil
Bikini - bought in Croatia


  1. amra ich liebe diesen blog !

    xxx neNe

    1. bestes feedback die ich von dir kriegen kann <3
      bin ein bisschen stolz auf mich grad;)
      daaaaaaannkkkee buddy!




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