Artist of the week: Kirill

This week i am presenting you a hilarious and amazing new photographer friend of mine - Kirill. Estonian born, now living and working in England.
I was searching through some photography based facebook communities, when i accidentally clicked on LightBurnPhoto. My first reaction was, "DUH I can't believe this page doesn't have over 1.000 likes!" ;b Srsly, though. Kirill's photos are creative, full of light (one of the things that always makes me fall in love in photography over and over again), and they have that feeling of a story behind them. You know when you look for something and there is just that feeling, that you were searching for? That exact moment when you know to click on the button.
Street art photography, Concerts, Portraits, Wedding photography - there is nothing this guy can't do. 
So here is a small collection of my favorite photos. Kirill was also nice enough to answer my questions ;D (better say motivate me to add these to every artist of the week post i will be making from now on)

why photography? how did you realize this was the thing you wanted to devote most of your free time to? 
Well, I just hated to have my picture taken so much, that I decided so save up for a camera myself and hide behind it.

what do you do to make your models, people you take photos of more comfortable during the shoot?
That’s a hard question! Hmm, well I usually try to start a conversation with the people I’m shooting, get them distracted from the shoot, and just make it seem that we’re having a walk looking for cool stuff to create a story around (I do normally shoot in the great outdoors and think that it is the greatest studio ever created )

which song is your jam for the editing process? and do you have any rituals before you start editing?
There is no one song, but lately I’m stuck on one really moody and emotional dubstep track that just gets me supercharged and ready to create stuff ( Mojo – Blues (Original mix) should come up on YouTube if anyone’s interested ). But any generic Chill step mix will do just fine.
Rituals, emm, just need a really strong cup of English breakfast tea with milk and lots of sugar, which I forget about for half an hour and have to drink cold...
Also I function a lot better after midnight!

things you haven't tried yet but would love to in the future (photography wise)? 
My dream right now is to do a photo shoot while skydiving! Something creative, need to skydive first to see the possibilities.Also want to shoot portraits of astronauts from outer space! No one ever does that, they just take pictures of Earth. I want to see some creative pictures of people actually floating in space doing what they do over there...
That would be a dream come true!

any photographers, artists you look up to? certain things that inspire you? 
Photographers: Zack Arias, Joe McNally, David Hobby, Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo) and Chase Jarvis!
There is one more Video Blog on YouTube that floats my boat called Filmriot.Love all of them for being so educational and inspiring.

what would you say to the younger version of yourself when you just started getting into photography? tips for beginner photographers? 
First understand how to operate your camera, and then have as much fun with it as you possibly can. And don’t be afraid to use flashes, they open so many opportunities!

what do you do when you have inspiration withdrawal, editing is not going the way you want it, life sucks in general? 
Well when there`s no inspiration I usually try to look through some of my old shots and find use for them, lately been Photoshoping wild animals into different scenarios.
In case of the "Life sucks scenario",  I just work on my fix bike projects and also like to watch Wes Anderson’s movies, they just make me feel like everything is going to be ok eventually.

what is the one thing that makes your art original and different from everybody else?
To be honest, i don’t know. If I did, I would enhance it to the max. I just do what feels right, try to create a story with a picture, and try to capture something unique and beautiful.

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that will be it for today 


  1. Oh my, these photos are amazing. So is his dream about the astronaut photoshoot.

    1. and the skydiving idea is awesome as well ;D

  2. Kirill is awesome. Period.
    Personally I think he’s one of the best creative photographers, he can pick up any idea and drive it beyond any expectation. :)

  3. Kirill is an amazing photographer, and I'm very privileged to have worked with him on several occasions! Glad to see he's getting the recognition he deserves!

    1. ;) Yeap! loved the photos he took of you on the beach btw ;) perfect collaboration!

  4. just to make things clear, Andy was not wearing a bikini for those "photos on the beach" xD

    1. those bikini shots only went for the "behind the scenes". we understand.

  5. I'm keeping them till Andy goes multiplatinum and then make a fortune auctioning the off:))

  6. Very beautiful! I love the warm colors and light in these photos!




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