"20SecondsForArt" Behind The Scenes Part 2

If you have looked through Behind The Scenes Part 1 of our "20SecondsForArt" Project mit Nene& Feli and have been patiently waiting while biting your nails for the Part 2 - here you go then ;)
2day started like this: me and Feli meeting on the Subway (unplanned, both moving on turtle speed, because that's how much our feet hurt after jumping around on the 1day) and going to Nene's apartment to celebrate our small newspaper story.
The first location was planned on one of the balconies of Nene's Building - with an amazing view on Uno City and other huge buildings.
 Smiley Purple Girl aka Nene ;D
Then we moved to my favorite location - the Gironcoli Sculpture (austrian modern artist) :) We spent more time than we actually needed because we were shooting behind the scenes of us not working xD In the process - this group photo came to life. Nene managed to strike a pose in the last 2 seconds of the 10sec timer!;)
And then this happened
Well deserved Instagram break
Change of location
and change of location again!
Free Falling Feli
 Nene's Fans ;D
dancing Feli and Feli's Fans 
a whole family just came up to us and asked us if they could take a picture with Feli ;D
Burggasse Stadthalle Bibliothek
i am wondering why i am posting this picture while i am posting it. Pretty much. 
Near WU
looking for directions.
And this will be it! 2 long hardworking sunny fun days are over. We are cutting the 20seconds movie with Nene tomorrow and if all is well i might even post it here for your feedback. Enjoy the sunny weather guys! 


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