"20secondsForArt" Behind The Scenes Part 1

In case you have stumbled upon my instagram in the last few days and have been wondering what i was up to - the answer is quite simple. I was shooting a small video for an art project with my friend Nene. Now, i am not going to give you a full detailed account of what we were filming and how, but i promise i will show you the end result once we are done cutting the film. For now you are going to be teased with all the behind scenes of our dancer Feli, of me and Nene handling camera equipment or just being crazy adorable.

In 2 days we have managed to film: 

  • for 12 hours
  • in 37 locations (!) 
  • in most known and coolest architectural places in Vienna
  • with perfect sunshiny weather (We have been waiting for the weather to clear up for more than a month and it kept snowing all the time. For reals)

In 2 days we have managed to:
  • make our dancer's feet bleed. (Dancing the same choreography over and over again is no easy business) 
  • get a picture in one of the Viennese newspapers! 
  • spam instagram like crazy 
  • stretch all of our muscles
  • get a ride with taxi - the whole Vienna's Transport stopped, because somebody thought it was fun to do sth fire related on Stephansplatz.
  • meet the ORF (TV channel) people , who were shooting on one of our locations and inform ourselves about our future job prospects.
  • leave lipstick kisses on the mirror in the elevator in Nene's building
  • make breaks and eat and drink and most importantly laugh ;)
Nene talking to the "Heute" Photographer guy ;)
getting dressed again and off to the next location!
SkyBar Location
Nene being nice and explaining what we are doing ;)
 Near the City Opera House
 Instagram -coffee-break!
Part 2 of the "Behind the Scenes" coming soon!
Stay tuned 


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