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You know how sometimes no matter how much things change they actually stay the same? You can travel half of the world, change dozen of countries in a row, move into another apartment, break up with the ones you thought you would never be able to live without. And yet somehow you find yourself in the same place you were before any of this happened. Same person. Maybe roughed up a bit. Maybe a bit more disappointed. Some things kind of always stay the same.

I guess it's all about the details. Like if you can remember what kind of day it was. Or what kind of a song played in the background. Did it smell of home-made cookies or maybe summer flowers?

I find photos to be one of those things that can bring flashbacks of memories in an instant. All of a sudden you remember that nostalgic feeling whether you were having fun or having the worst time of your life. But you remember it. All of it. Your remember yourself in that moment, your thoughts, your hopes and your dreams. This feeling is pretty much what drew me to photography. It's not just simply trying to stuff as much as you can into your memory. It's that possibility to look back, smile at your foolishness, marvel your courage or simply understand why some things needed to happen the way they did.

And no matter how much everything changed and constantly changes, i am sitting here with Gaslight Anthem's Song blasting through my earphones and writing this first post of hopefully many more to come. Many more photo-posts, be that simply everyday random quick snapshots or traveling memories, photoshoots or one of those friend-gatherings-remembrance photos. Over and out, world.


  1. Congrats, Amra! Post more. I love the first post.

  2. Dear Amra, I've just skimmed your whole blog and I really have to say, you are really talented!!! Thumbs us and hopefully even more posts to come! Patricia




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