Photowalk Part 1

If any of you follow me on facebook or have the pleasure to be acquainted with me in real life - you know how psyched i get, when i get an opportunity to hang out with fellow photographers ;)  
28.04 was a special day - not only did i get to spend it with my dear friend Elodie, i also got the chance to befriend another awesome cameragirl - Flora. The names may sound familiar. Both of the girls were featured in my "Artist of the week" column. You can find some amazing shots Elodie took of me here. If you want to relieve the Paris experience and see some Flora's photos  - you should go here

What am i still doing here?
Well i am here to show you some of the photos i took of the girls and gush about how beautiful both of them are. So, enjoy! + (tipp for the future - every time i introduce another person that inspires me in  any way possible - drink a shot! ;D)
The first set of the photos was taken in Japanese Garden in Vienna, which turned out to be quite small and rather crowded on a Sunday, so we moved to a more secluded park afterwards. Notice the photo of my new crush, aka Flora's Yashica, above.
Lana Del Rey Style
*I love love love the photo of me holding the Yashica with the biggest smile on my face as if i am 5 years old and finding myself  at a toy shop *

These were taken not so far from the Japanese Garden ;) 

Elodie being perfect

Part 2 is coming soon ;)
P.S. Feedback is always appreciated.


  1. Wow, stunning photos! Love the "Elodie being perfect" pic and the black & white photo of Flora at the end. You captured them in such graceful poses. Great job, Amra!!! <3

    1. <3 Thank you sweetypie ;* looking forward to seeing a post of you in June over here hehe :D

  2. Блин, фото со спины просто потрясные, Флора - такая безумная няша, у меня создалось такое впечатление о ней по фото) ее, мне кажется, можно вечно фотографировать) и Elodie being perfect тоже просто офигенна! НО самая красивая и няшная - моя Амруся :3

    1. Она как не встанет - выглядит шикарно) причем со своей пикси прической - я думала наоборот девушек с длинными волосами фотографировать легче, а тут совсем наоборот =)

      хаха это просто ты соскучилась ;3 как я и вообщем. Притом что я только только о тебе сегодня думала - и тут твой коммент тут как тут =)

  3. Bice pictures!!
    The give a good feeling of spring!!
    Really like the ones of the back!!




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