Artist of the week: Dara

This time around the artist of the week is: Dara Muscat
Hello! My name is Dara. I share inspirations and ideas, tell stories about interesting people, make topics how to do something or find it yourself. I travel a lot, but now I live in Thailand and spend my days working from home, creating paintings, dancing, teaching and drinking tea with herbs.
One of the good things of social media is that it gives us an opportunity to meet & get to know people from all over the world. I found Dara one sunday morning through instagram. Traveller, currently living in Bangkok, photographer, painter, hula hoop dancer and overall an inspiring human being ;D

You can see how much beauty Dara finds in life just  by looking at her pinterest page ;)

Some of her watercolor artwork

What i love most about Dara is her way of looking at life and her  positive attitude ;D Sometimes reading her blog feels like a cup of your favorite tea after a long long but really good day. You know when your whole body hurts, with that good kind of pain? ;D When you have walked all day through a new city or spent your day catching up with your best friend and laughing like an idiot. Those long summer evenings when life is good and you decide not to worry about anything. That kind of a feeling.

Dara also opened  2 online designer shops - Mint My Day & Alohagaia. (Both ship internationally). The idea of MintMyDay  is to share unusual and beautiful things created by young designers and jewelers from Thailand. AlohaGaia on the other hand is made by Dara and her friend using Dara's design and ideas. There is something exquisite and fragile and extremely beautiful about both of the collections. 
Dara's collection - Aloha Gaia
Designer's Box - Mint my Day

I didn't get to prepare an interview this time around :D but i thought that it wouldn't be much of a help to you guys anyway if all of my questions were statements like "You are awesome!". So in case you wanna get in contact with Dara or have some questions - the links i posted above (facebook, instagram, tumblr) will be useful.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Dara a bit as much as i did ;*

Stay tuned 


  1. Wow the first picture is absolutelly stunning!

    1. it was hard to choose :D there are so many good ones of her ;) i wanted to use the one where she is hula hoop dancing as well ;D




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