Vienna Fashion Week (14.09) Part 1

As you might have noticed i edited my banner ;) And i also added a few more topics i will be writing about here. -> Fashion. Music. Movies. And Photography of course ;b (but you already knew about that!)

So to kick it off, this post will be dedicated to Vienna Fashion Week. I've been studying in Vienna for already 3 years and i have heard quite a lot about this event but it somehow never really occurred to me that i will also get to experience it. Not in the whole VIP fashion of it ;D

Vienna Fashion Week is taking place on the 12.9 - 16.9th in Museumsquartier. I went there on the 14th and got to attend the runway shows that were simply mind-blowing.

To start over the story the day started as per usual. Me, jumping from the bed, wondering if i slept it all through and trying to figure out what am i going to wear. To the fashion show. Me. ;D I was a bit freaking out, i admit. At some point my best friend from Moscow was giving me clothing-advice. (God bless the social media today!) After i arrived at the Museumsquartier at 14.00 i was psyched and i was waiting for my friend Kathi, who  made this whole thing possible. Also an enormous thank you goes to Anjuli for being our Vip-Fashion Week Mum and taking care of us. Srsly, Publizistik Students are the best <3 No exceptions here.

After checking in at the VIP stand and getting our Vip-pass-stickers we went to look through the pop-up store.
I  fell in love with the jackets from the Slang Slang department. Fashion should be wearable right? ;) And those dresses <3 Actually everything! Every detail is thought through, which makes the overall assemble neat and organised, but stilly fancy. Everything has it's own place. Shopping wise, i doubt i would cash in for a lot of the stuff presented. But they are definitely catchy on your eyes ;) And that for that T-shirt that says NO PROBLEM in bosnian <3 ;)
Few of the things i got in my Flair Goodie Bag! which reminds me i still need to look through it ;) Editing photos is exhausting LOL
Vip Goodies ;)

Things i learnt or was reminded of thanks to VFW:
* Always take with you 2 SD photo cards. Even if your 2nd card is full with photos of adorable kittens. Especially so.
* High heels are made for standing and looking pretty. Not always for walking.
* Male Models are for swooning. Especially the half clothed ones. You are welcome to it.
* Get used to the VIP treatment. *turn in the song from Maybelline in your head*
* Chocolate is LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. need i say more?
* Do not take 1000000 things with you. You don't need your whole apartment.

I would love to work here. I would! Behind the scenes or organizing the event itself. I guess the only downside would be the fact that you wouldn't be able to attend the shows ;) And it's stressful. It might not seem that way at first, but just looking at those people running around, shows you how important maintaining everything is here.

Photography wise this event was quite challenging. I have to admit it!I needed some warm-up time to figure out the lightning and to start taking some good shots. Sitting in the first 2 rows for the first two fashiong shows certainly made things easier ;D The shows take place every hour with a 15-20 min pause in-between. The later it gets the more crowded it is. The last show that i watched that was at 20.00 was fully crowded up to the top. Maybe it's the fact that it was exceptionally good ;) I'm just gonna let you look and judge for yourself how good or bad my photography skills of the runway walks are in my next post :)

For now i leave you with the photo of our crew.
* All Photos (except the last one) in this post were made by me. All right reserved.


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