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Hello world!
I was gonna vent today about all the new information i was supplied with in the last two days by my two colleague-friends. (Yeah, btw i am a student! :D) Or vent about the supposed meaning of life and love and friendship and all that bla bla bla thing. But then i remembered that i made this blog for photography <3 and photos are more important.

Today i present you a small photoset i took while i was relaxing in Zadar, Croatia and on the Island Vir. Feedback is always welcome , btw ;) Also i will be doing a 30 DAY PHOTO meme soon ;) A photo per day by a recommendation of my friend. It's about time i got my ass back into inspiration mode.  xo xo


  1. I want a cupcake money box!

  2. SUMMER theatre fest! Would die to see some theatre during the summer, our theatres don't open during summer :/ And as always, lovely street photos!




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