Artists of the week: Elodie, Nene and Kirill ;)

This time around i am here to present you a few of my friends that i didn't get to spoil with compliments lately ;)
My dear amazing friend Elodie finally opened a blog. FINALLY i will be able to share the beauty she captures with the rest of the world while clicking on that SHARE button. If you click on this link you will not only be able to see some amazing landscape photography - Elodie is also quite handy when it comes to  concert and portrait photography ;) You can check some photos of her brother's band The Wise Dude's Revolver here  and if you are not yet bored with seeing my face everywhere check some of the photos featuring me here ;) Also she is french and lately we have bonded to a complete new level of friendship (see another post on Photowalk 3) <3 

New Website  ;)
Nene is my crazy chick :D Whenever i'm with her i feel like we are 15 and we are doing something that  we shouldn't be doing ;D Also you can't stop laughing when you are around Nene. A few weeks back she managed to bring an extra portion of laughter and smileys in my life with this video ;) She is working on her new photo page  right now and i can't wait to share it with all of you the moment it is done ;D So far, you absolutely NEED to check out Nene's Vimeo and Youtube account! :D 

Kirill has been one hell of a support when it comes to everything photography wise ;D He is the master of fixing things up and making them shiny and pretty again. A few days back he sent me my new red baby analog camera (stay tuned: gonna feature it in my upcoming posts!) ;) You should have seen my face when i opened the Royal Mail box ;D What Kirill does is: he gets an old analog camera, repairs it, fixes it up and then puts some nice leather on it ;D You can see some of his renewed cameras here :) They are amazingly cheap and really fancy if you want to take your photography to the next level. If you have any questions - just contact Kirill through his Facebook Page ;) And with that i'm gonna show you my new baby and bid you goodbye :) Stay tuned!


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