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It doesn't really matter if you are an artist, a writer, a photographer, a musician - there always comes a certain period of time when you feel like you are not putting all of your 100%.  Other events, lack of inspiration, timing. It is a puzzle that is building itself up, transforming on it's own. One moment you make something that you like, the second - you hate it.

A few days back while i was putting up a facebook page for photography and changing my mind about making  it (and when i say change what i mean is  1 000 000 of thoughts running though your head making no sense whatsoever) a new friend, a colleague, reminded me why i love photography. Better said why i have fallen in love with it and i can't seem to shake that feeling off for quite a while.

Flora uploaded a good-bye album to the city she has fallen in love with - Paris. And she  made me fall in love with it as well. 

All of these pictures were taken with my mothers beloved Yashica Middle Format camera some of you might have seen me fumbling around on - in Paris, Paris, the beautiful, Paris, the incredible. I took them in a quite small window of time - just three days, just me, the city, the camera, and the end of our journey. Please excuse the lack of coherence in subjects and in contrast, I just didn‘t want to manipulate the rawness of these pictures that I find quite beautiful, and that certainly also reflects the impressions the city made on me during the months that preceded these "Momentaufnahmen" (I don't like the word snapshots) - at least for me. (I used Kodak Portra 800 for the coloured shots and Ilford 3200, 400, 125 and HP5 for those black and white.) - Flora

If you wanna get inspired you should follow Flora on her tumblr page.
Oh how i wish my hands could make sth as beautiful  and inspiring with film!




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