Artist of the Week: Magdalena AKA Nene

So i am presenting you today a multi-artist and a multi-tasker. Nene is not only an amazing video maker , she is also a great portrait photographer, jewelry maker, intelligent and amazing student and a hilarious girl + she has amazing taste when it comes to clothes and fashion.( I wholeheartedly APPROVE :))

Nene stalked her way into my life, so to say ;D She once interviewed me in the park on our Unicampus and 1 year later we meet while trying our luck with UNI TV Project ;D And then we went on working with each other and in the mid of it all we realized we definitely need to collaborate more often ;D

Today i am gonna show you a few goodies Nene makes for fun. :)

A few of the amazing portraits Nene took ;)
And Nene's Instagram Awesomeness. 

If you like what you see follow Nene on Instagram or suscribe to her channel on Youtube ! ;)

Have a nice week peeeps!
xo xo


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