Artist of the week: Alina

I sometimes get tired of repeating how lucky i am when it comes to having certain people in my life. And how enormously proud i am of their creativity. Today i will present you Alina's work (you can also check out the her amazing shots here on Flickr)

I see Alina as a wild free spirit. If i ever wanted to go check out some band that nobody knows about (especially if they were playing somewhere in the desert) she'd be the first person i'd call. Not because she'd say yes, but because i'd be 100% safe with her and most importantly, it would be one of those stories you tell your grandkids about ;D

When it comes to concert and travel photography, she can capture the atmosphere perfectly.

o.torvald презентація альбому примат 23 11 2012 the best city UA 29 06 - 01 07 2012 Kasabian kasabian @ c-halle berlin 04 06 2012 o.torvald @ docker's abc kiev 20 04 12 Hurts hurts kiev 05 04 2011
P.S. She also has amazing taste in music. Yeap. 
o.torvald @ docker's abc kiev 20 04 12 30 Seconds to Mars 30 seconds to mars sziget 2010
o.torvald презентація альбому примат 23 11 2012 
 Travel Photography black sea bugaz hotel [explored] berlin*
img595.parisi udvar.




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