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I am one of those people that always excitingly awaits their birthday. I don't know if it is the hope for a new opportunity, fresh start, clean slate or simply the fact that i get to be in the center of attention for one day xD I usually jump and annoy the crap out of my family 5 days before the BIG DAY.

On the 3rd of June i turned 21. Looking back it feels like nothing changed. I am the same awfully annoying kid as always. Every year i look back and wonder if i changed. Every year since i can remember. 

I guess it comes in little things, right?

This year was different. If anything, I got reminded what real friendship feels like. Being completely yourself around that one person. And how hard it is to win that trust with someone new. I  got reminded that sometimes you get hurt, but if you start closing yourself off, if you don't risk it - then you never win anything in return. I learnt that i am not quite there yet. To open myself up. But i am on a right track. Most of all, i got reminded that once in a while people surprise you. And if you keep believing that good things will happen, they actually do. If anything, i have managed to grow up this year and surround myself with most amazing and creative and inspiring people that i know of.


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