Photowalk 2

I come baring gifts and this time there are a  LOT of them! :) If you don't know or haven't been informed through the channels of Facebook/ Instagram &Twitter - on Saturday me and my 3 beautiful girls had a photowalk ;) And these walks keep getting better and better. Not only do we come fully prepared - from clothes and equipment, shoes and makeup, we also have our magic tricks when it comes to ordering the best weather. I think that is all Nene, she has wizard blood :D
Actually our plans at first included visiting an old-not working Vienna Factory. But after sending Jasmin on a expedition mission (it was not planned that way, Jasi was simply better organised and punctual than the rest of us. Okay, i admit it was my fault. I was late. I just get lost easily, kay? also i was wearing my prom dress and i was trying to remain invisible. It was hard. I had to use kung-fu. Enough on this topic already) So where was i?... Yes, after Jasi called and informed me that our Factory was gone ... to be understood as - there is this huge plain spot and some stones around it - we just re-located to the nearby buildings. You gotta work with what you have, right?
Jasmin, Elodie, Amra (me) and Nene 
Foto credits: Nene aka Magdalena Schauer (c).
Further works to be found on: Facebook / Instagram 

This time around instead of showing you many many behind the scenes first (srsly guys, you can find a lot of them here already, just click on it! ) i will show you my small Fashion Catalogue Project first. 
 Amra (me)

This should be it. I can hear you screaming from excitement while sitting at your Laptop and PC :) But to further prolong your excitement i have another creation to show you! ;) 
Nene our genius filmmaker made a video of us and it is one of the best things i have seen in a long time ;) High heels, colors, smiles and girls. What does one need more? Enjoy!
Don't forget to go check out Nene's youtube account !

It was a pleasure writing this post but since it's 1;28 right now, i am sending you all hugs and kisses.
Off to bed!
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  1. идея перевернуть изображения отображает стремление быть оригинальной, но очень хочется разглядеть все детали фотографии не ломая шею)) вот честно)) потому что вижу что красивые они!

    1. увидишь еще) я их все в нормальных позах понавешаю) просто тут акцент идет на те что справа - они как центр =) а остальные - для деталей ;)

  2. hach du bist sooo süß amra!! und ich liiiiebe deine texte




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