Vienna. Sights.

Been quite busy the last few days with Mumford&Sons concert and exams and my parents visiting  ;) On Saturday i was location-scouting and showing Vienna to my parents so i got to take a few snapshots of  this beautiful city. Enjoy!:*

And a few new friends me and my family made along the way ;)

    Review from Mumford&Sons concert, Next Artist of the week post coming up soon!:)


  1. Cannot wait for the concert review! :P And this city looks fabulous from above.

    1. i guess living in Moscow made me love being able to see the rooftops cause you cant really do that in Moscow haha ;D everything is way to high up ;)

      Review is up!:)

  2. Какое красивое место :)
    Заходи ко мне в гости :)




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