Artist of the week: Marina

So this time i am presenting you Marina's work ;)
Marinoid (how we sometimes call her (we - hint on our LJ community past)) is pretty much always there when i break sth from my photo equipment or when i am in terrible need of advi. I am 100% sure she knows more about cameras than the whole worldwide photo community xD She is also quite handy with the camera herself. Traveling, concerts, portraits - there is nothing that this girl can not do!:)
I can't wait to see what more we can expect from her!

Links in case you wanna follow ;) 

Links in case you wanna follow ;) 
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stay tuned for more!


  1. thank you, dear ♥
    but that thing about cameras is a big big overstatement))) anyway you know you can come and I am ready to speak about cameras/lenses and help if I have a solution :))

    1. няшка ты моя =) нееет что правда то правда хД сколько раз я приходила к тебе в истерике и ты каждый раз на расстоянии тысяч миль успокаивала меня и еще успевала все починить =)




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