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This is gonna be one of those mix and match posts where i basically just drop loads of new information on you ;D To sum it up - another art from my dear friend Nastja, a small teaser for my future project with the awesome Nene and a few teaser photos from the photoshoot.

Based on my Mumford&Sons addiction for the last few weeks (it is still going strong my friends), my sweet co-autor and friend decided to present me with another art of hers. There is literally no words with which i can describe how talented Nastja is ;D i just hope she knows it ;b I wanna start sending her text messages at 3 o'clock in the morning with the update of how talented she truly is.
The lyrics <3

make sure you follow her on tumlbr. 
she is the sweetest person there is! 

Another good news - there is a small artsy project coming up that i am filming with Nene (the awesome jewelry chick). Another truly talented girl, who doesn't realize it yet ;b  I don't wanna spoil any of you yet , so if you are interested follow us on instagram - me  & Nene. We might be posting some behind the scenes instagram photos. 
And there will be definitely a post coming up once the project is done.  I AM EXCITED! 

Nene and i also managed to try out her brand new softboxes this week. I am working on editing all of my fave photos that i took of her. ;D So these are just a few instagram teasers to make you as excited as i am ;) 
    the preparation phase ;D
the pretty pretty Nene :)
beautiful both on the inside and the outside! 
 Me torturing Nene's Cat, Lancelot, with hugs and adorableness ;D 

Stay tuned for the Artists of the Month Updates! There are like 3 people waiting in line and i feel bad for being such a lazy ass with updates ;D 


  1. I love u, my sweetheart <3
    new photoooos ^_^ *excited*

  2. hach du bist einfach zu süß <3

    1. nicht süss genug! :D
      Lancelot is DA BEST CAT IN THE WORLD ;D




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