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Emma Stone: Once you lock into a role or improv, it’s like flying. When I’m trying to make a point, in life, I put a lot pressure on myself. I’m sure that’s related to the crying: the perfectionism, the need to communicate in the right way. It made me really, really anxious. All I wanted to do was sit in my bedroom and worry, but instead, acting threw me into situations where you just have to go with it. And it was good for me. Like the shy kid on the debate team.
Eddie Redmayne: I don’t know about you, Ems, but I find that more onstage. You’re in place for a more extended period. In film, the takes start and stop, and the anxiety kicks back in. People say: “How can you do a play for six months? The same thing every night.” But you never get close to getting it right, and every night, you get to go back and try again.

Emma Stone: Until May, I spent the last two years feeling like a cloud that was floating through the universe. I didn’t live anywhere. At the beginning, it was nomadic and exciting; you’re in these amazing locations. But when you don’t have somewhere real to springboard from, these three-month circus experiences start to feel... 
Eddie Redmayne: Rootless.

Bits from the Interview with Emma Stone & Eddie Redmayne
 Photos by Theo Gosselin & Maud Chalard


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