Artist of the Week: Maud Chalard

“Actually, you were speaking about exposition earlier but we really want to show people it’s real, that it’s possible. We’re so depressed about how people behave today, they don’t believe in love in anymore. They don’t believe in anything. Hate seems to overcome love, beautiful things. I just want people to stop and to show them it’s possible, to give them hope.”
“It’s funny because when I was seeing this [Instagram aesthetic] everywhere I was thinking: “Fuck, I can do that as well. I want to do it.” But with my digital camera I couldn’t, it didn’t fit. So I was doing photos in numeric when I was young but I was spending hours transforming it to make them look like if I used analog… That was ridiculous! And did not work at all. Two years ago, in March, when I first started using analog it became natural. Now I change the contrast but that’s pretty much it.”


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