Goodbye, 2014!

I have this let’s see what happened  tradition that i do every year. I write letters that will never  be sent out, i scrapbook analog photos that accumulated. I put everything that has a sentimental value in a box for the times when i can look back at it with less ache in my heart.

- 2014 -

2014 was good to me. If 2013 was meant to get me out of my comfort zone, 2014 kinda made the changes more permanent and fixed them up to stay. It was also more tougher - in the sense of where all of this is going and what am i doing and like… SOS GET ME OUT OF HERE SOMEONE ;D  
2014 was a year of Viennese balls! (Thanks to my never-tired dancing partner who made me go! ) It was a year of partying and coming back home in the wee hours. The year of sunsets and sunrises. It was a year of film and videomaking, year of Prague. It had one of my best celebrated birthdays and it had my friends. The eternal faith in good people and the payoff for the past 5 years of hard work of making a life here in Vienna. In 2014 i married my best friend off and got to capture all of that on film. In 2014 i creeped out of my house more often and i got my heart smashed all over again. In 2014 i wrote more and poured my heart out more than i should have on here. I realized that life can sometimes follow the same patterns, but if i do not stop being so unforgiving towards myself - it will get me nowhere. In 2014 i worked hard and shot as much as i could for Unimag. I took roadtrips. I went swimming half-naked in Donau in September. (THANKS AGAIN, NENS!) I babysat cats and nobody died. I made somebody’s day easier by simply showing up to their small wedding ceremony. I had jamming session with my sis. I interviewed music bands with Petra and i didn’t say anything super embarrassing. In 2014 i fell in love with London. I got to hold my friend’s hand while she was getting a tattoo. I sang. I danced. I had fun. I kept all of my friends no matter the distance close to my heart. 
And granted, some of those days and events were mixed on some level with a bittersweet routine, with little hardships and sometimes bigger disappointments. Looking back, i think i lost the naive part of me along the way a bit. Maybe that’s  a part of growing up. Maybe not. I guess when it comes to the matters of the heart only time can tell ;)


Creatively, in 2014 - DelicateOptimism was born. A platform for me and Nene to go crazy together ;D So we did. These are the babies that were born in the process.

1. Jason Silva Collaboration - Madness and Creativity 

2. Suprise Bachelorette Video ( present for Nene ) 

3. Delicate Optimism & Stromae.


5.Nene & Gino

6. We got published! (and we lay on the asphalt a lot :D) 

7. Imagemaking Film

In 2014 i also shot my small short film during my workshop at Prague Film School and started my Humans of my life Photo-project that i plan to continue throughout the 2015 ;)

Let’s see what 2015 will bring. A few of my new year resolutions are on my desk, but i never post those in order not to jinx them *winks at you* ;)


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