Life doesn't mold you into anything.
Of course, certain choices and experiences define you more than the others, but on the long run - decision to be the best version of yourself has to be made by you and you entirely. Not for somebody else, not for your parents, not for your friends and not even for your second half. We go through life with such a short timeline set upon as, comparing ourselves to experiences and achievements of others, not understanding that sometimes SIMPLY BEING is enough and once you start from there - not even the sky is the limit. You don’t have to wait. Don’t let something or someone define you. Do it yourself. Pick who you wanna be. Sculpture it. Refine it. Throw color on it and let it dispense. Power through the storms and let them take you to more calmer waters. It will never be perfect, but once you realize that it’s not about the destination - there is absolutely nothing that can stop you.


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