“I believe the world is divided in three groups: givers, takers and the few that can balance both impulses. Giving and loving is a beautiful thing. It is the currency of compassion and kindness, it is what separates good people from the rest. And without it, the world would be a bleak place. If you are a giver, it is wise to define your boundaries because takers will take what you allow them to; all givers must learn to protect that about themselves or eventually, there is nothing left to give.” ― Tiffany Madison

The fine balance for not caring about people, their insecurities and not-being-sure-offs lays between constant stressful work, complete exhaustion and 5 hours of sleep. At that point you reach the state of epiphany when you realize who and what matters and who & what not and you stop beating yourself up for your actions or lack there off. I was so hard on myself for the past year…and i know that i need improvement and i’m not perfect. But, lately i have given out more of myself than i can actually handle. By trying to stay nice. And as much as you can try to give without expectations - it is hard switching them completely off. So i need my recharge time. For now - all i need is my camera, my work, my sleep, a few of my girls who bring me to laugh every time and to be away. Away from Vienna. Away from the memories. Building something new. So for this summer:

I just want to be on my own and happy. 
(and post a few selfies with my phone from time to time ;b)
And i need to remember to not let certain people back in into my life. 


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