18 Things we Should have been Taught as Teenagers
by Briana West

  • About Kindness. The people who are most loved and respected are usually the ones who show interest in others. True admiration does not stem from what kind of clothes someone wears, how much money their parents have, or what kind of car they drive. They are kind even though the same notion isn’t always reciprocated back to them. That is how people matter. 
  • About Love. The thing about love is that you have to choose it. It’s hard to wrap your head around the concept of actively pursuing and cultivating love when you’re at the peak of puppy dog eyes and baby talk. But that will fade away, and at the end of the day, you have to keep choosing love. The people we love and the people we choose to be with are often not the same. There are reasons for this. You will know if someone loves you, and if you love them in return. You will know when you are each both consciously choosing something that will make you better. Don’t choose what’s convenient. Choose what matters.
  • About People. Most people aren’t inherently bad. They’re just grappling with their own shit and possibly taking that out on you. People, for the most part, are more concerned with themselves than they are with you. If ever they feel the need to be mean, it’s only because they can either A) identify that part of you as something they too struggle with or B) because who you are threatens what they think of themselves to be. Be kind to them. You don’t win anything worth winning by superseding people.
  • About Problems. Drama does not just magically “find you.”


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