Snow White Series - Collaboration

There is nothing more beautiful and engaging that having a job, a hobby, an aspiration that you get to adore. At the end of each day, whether good or bad, nobody can take it away from you. Things break, times change, people leave - but you get to have this constant passion, the constant flame in your chest, that never dies down. And hopefully never will. And what is even more beautiful, is when you get to find people who adore something as much as you do. And that's where the creativity and inspiration kicks is. That's where things get done.

What you need:
1 day, 2 girls, 2 white dresses, 2 completely different ideas for projects, full crop camera and the never-ending support of Nene's fiance ;) Also some leaves and nature - and you are good to go! 

Snow White Series
Collaboration with my dear friend Nene (Bilderfraeulein) 

Me aka Amra aka AlwaysDevotedPhotography

Outtakes coming soon ;) Trust me, there are a LOT of them ;)
Forever yours


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