Different types of models.
Sophia Bush Photoshoot
I know that i am throwing myself into a quite conflicting subject with this topic. But since i have both been the model and the photographer, i am quite confident i will be able to categorize some of the people i worked with into certain groups ;) I am just hoping i don't loose all of my clients and friends ;D But this is what journalists do, right? So here we go! 

In real life every model is a mix of few ;D You don't always get a clean-cut-type. 
  1. The Confident Type. These girls&boys have usually been in front of the camera. Have flawless skin, amazing hair (usually really long and in the need of constant maintenance), always look their best. It is not a problem for them to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, put a ton of products on their face and be ready to face you with your amateur photographic skills. No make up artists needed.  
  2. The Gimme Photos Now Type. The concept of waiting is non existent. The main thing is to send the 1000 original photos to them the moment they were taken, so they can edit them on their own using instagram filters. The shinier the better! Orange skin - GIMME! Everyone, look, i can use photoshop! Giving credit to the photographer? No, thank you!
  3. The I'm Uploading All Of The Original Photos Type. Let's just disregard the person's work all-together and upload the tons of original photos which I LIKE more, because, anyway, what does the photographer really know about this thing anyway? Editing? But, i look flawless! 
  4. The Let Me Pick The Best Ones Type. This model likes to go through all the photos, picking up the most blurry ones so that nobody can see her face. Usually they end up not liking any of the photos. Or weirdly not liking 4/5 photos which are all the same. In the end, they ask you not to upload or edit anything. They also keep repeating "It is not your fault". As if they are making you feel better? 
  5. The I Am Much Smarter Than You Type. Usually photographers on their own or coming with some knowledge of how to click the shutter button. They keep giving you advice and telling you what you are doing wrong and in the end are surprised when you just wanna give up and feel like a complete idiot. 
  6. The I'm Just Gonna Look Through All Of Your Other Models and Try To Hook Up With Them Type. Any guys in the audience? Also don't get me started on the whole "male photographers wanna see the girls naked" debate.
  7. The Respecting Your Work Shedule Type. They still want to have all the original photos, but they are keeping it classy and not trying to yell at you. They also wait a bit before asking you how the editing is going. They respect your opinion, even if they might not fully agree. They tend to credit your work and actually recommend you to their friends. My favorite Type. 
  8. The I'm Giving You Tons Of Compliments Just To Get What I Want Type. Happens as well. It kinda makes me sad when i find out their real opinion. Normal non-bitchy criticism is always better than fake adoration. 
  9. The We Weren't Best Friends But Now That You Are Taking Photos Let Me Pretend We Are Type. You usually get a message full of approval of your work and then asking if you are available on a certain date to come and photograph the hell out of them. Makes me only sad in those situations when they do not even offer to pay. Even if you do it for free and on a hobby basis. They don't know that, but they don't even ask. Because they think, you have nothing better to do anyway.  

Beauty is subjective. I know that most of the people are trying to regain some kind of control when it comes to photography. This is why models like to have all of the original photos. This is why the photographers like to keep all of the original photos, take their time to get the best result when it comes to editing. This is why we get into those "send me all the photos now"& "but i need more time for editing" discussions. This is why some photographers make sketches of how their models should stand or move. By the way, that concept of making someone do exactly what you want - never understood that. Isn't photography supposed to be the reflection of a certain moment that wouldn't be caught on the film otherwise? A relaxed one at that? 

In the end it's a cat&mouse game. 

The thing is - i don't blame the photographers or the models. Everyone is different. Everyone reacts to certain things differently. We are all individuals after all. I know from my experience, that when i am being photographed, i also like to see the original photos. I guess, on some level, there is still a level of trust missing? But whose fault is that - the models or the photographers? Is the photographer the one to blame, because he didn't manage to make his&hers model feel comfortable? Then again, nobody in the freaking fashion industry holds their breath about THE models. The capitalistic way of thinking - is MILK THE COW. I know that photographers risk to loose the value of their work. They often don't get paid, use their free time to find their subjects, try their best to make something meaningful and beautiful. I know that models also take a risk when agreeing to being photographed. What if you look like crap in every single photo? And it today's world, you are basically taking a risk of a different tomorrow before even going out of bed. 

I know that i appreciate every single girl that ever said YES to me when i asked her to be my model. I appreciate the people who asked me on their own. Because that shows me that my work is progressing and going into the right direction. Even if some of them turn out to be one of the types i mentioned above - there is nothing that i love more that taking portraits and working with people. After all, photography opened so many horizont's for me. It allowed me to meet and get to know the most amazing people and for that i'm grateful! For every single one of my friends who modeled for me - THANK YOU!:) I wouldn't have realized my passion without you. For every other model i met through friends, or who asked me to take photos of them on their own - THANK YOU! You guys are the reason the flames of my passion are not dying out ;) 

And in the end even when i send all my original photos out, even when i see my work re-edited, and get no credit - deep down in my heart i know that i tried my best ;) I might have not always succeeded. But after all, if you try - it counts for something. And if you just whine and don't do anything - you are simply standing on that immovable spot forever. 

So to the models - just be more patient and trust your photographers. I know you are taking a risk with us as well, but we are trying our best. Try to communicate with us. Tell us what you do&don't like. But also be open for new possibilities. And to the photographers, don't be assholes. A model is not your muppet. Respect the people you work with and give your 200% to them. It will pay out in the end, you will see ;) 


  1. Это шедеврально, я считаю) не моя отрасль, конечно, но мне все равно интересно, и классификацию было очень интересно увидеть, и почитать)

    У меня была ситуация, меня фотографировали в этом году, и фотограф мне капал на мозги, что я не улыбаюсь с зубами, то есть, по его мнению, вообще не улыбаюсь. А я зубы никогда не показываю, если улыбаюсь. В общем, он меня достал, я зубы показываю, потом смотрю оригиналы - и мне Ни Одна Фотка Не Нравится Вообще Никак. Там пиздец. Реально. Интересно если - сотворю коллажик, но если я знаю, что мне НЕ ИДЕТ, то нах меня заставлять это делать? Итого - единственная фотка с того фотосета, которая мне нравится - где я НЕ улыбаюсь в открытую, вообще типа задумалась-замыслила что-то (в синем платье фотосет был, если помнишь, я давно в своем инстаграме выставляла, когда еще его вела. Это был март 2013, ежели память не изменяет).

    1. :) я сегодня пару людей и порадовала и разозлила этим постом но он был как никак кстати. Если бы не написала все что накопилось - не выдержала =) Притом что из каждого пункта у меня есть к нему пример - так что ни один пункт не был выдуман) Я даже думала внизу подписать типо присылайте свои рассказы ХД Помню помню, ты там шикарно выглядела. Это мое правило номер 1. Я никогда не говорю модели что ей делать. Все эти - поставь руки туда, заигранно посмотри на меня, делай так как я хочу - просто тупо не вписываются в мозгах. Тем более, ты сразу видишь что девчонка не понимает чего ты именно хочешь, либо же поза не удобна ей и в итоге фотки все ужасны. Как только человек делает что то - что ему не свойственно - это сразу заметно. Меня один раз фотографировали - девчонка пришла с экскизами как мне стоять. Такое чувство, как будто я ее кукла. Фотки выглядели все соответвенно. Я обычно первые 30 минут разговариваю с девчонкой, спрашиваю у нее что то, она рассказывает про себя - после 30 минут она уже более менее расслабляется. И тогда я просто перехожу с ней на разные места. Иногда делаю поправки - спинку выпрямь и тп.Иногда предлагаю ей что то. Если же она это делает и я вижу что это не то - мы оставляем эту затею. Но обычно у меня самые лучшие кадры получаются - когда она делает что то самое обычное для нее - просто смеется, улыбается, заигранно смотрит или тп и бац кадр! У меня пока что плановые проекты не получаются. Когда я хочу чтоб лампа тут - обьект тут - одета в это. Мне спонтанность в этом плане больше нравится. =) Так что я думаю в этом плане надо было тебе открыто сказать фотографу - что это не свойственно для тебя. И он как фотограф должен был это понять, а не идти своим порогом, фоткать уже записанный в мозгах кадр, в который ты сама не вписываешься) скучаю ;*




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