Wedding - Richard&Lala

I present you the wedding of Richard&Lala <3
On the 19.07.13 i got to attend my friends Lala's wedding. It was a quite nervous event for me because i was constantly worried i would miss the important moment and forget to push the shutter button on my camera while staring in awe at the bride and the whole commotion near her ;) This was Lala's and Richard's super special day and i was already pre-planned on my 200% to make sure they get to enjoy their photographic memories of it.  To sum up the day - beautiful and touching ceremony, an amazing company and a marvelous party. And a beginning of a lifetime of a full-filled and happy life together - for Richard and Lala. I can't wait to take pictures of their beautiful babies ;D
In this post i will show you some of the highlights of this day. Best captured emotions, best moments. Sadly i am not really able to show you ALL the amazing photos because there is no way they would all fit in one post.
The preparation started around 9 o'clock - all the girls getting ready, everyone jumping around ;)

And the bride looked magnificient ^_^ 
The official ceremony was set to start at 11.00. It was one of those super hot perfect summer days that you can only get in the middle of July ;)

and after jubilation, a few tears of joy, excitement...they....
THEY DID IT! :D Just got married!:)
Congratulations are in order!!!

Time for group photos and champagne :)

The boys
and the girls ;)
and everyone ;)
And then it was the time for official wedding photos in Schönbrunn ;D

And sweet ladies from work also got to see Lala&Richard on their day. We found a few minutes in our busy schedule to drop by ;) 
Then it was time to finally party :)

First dance
The Cake

and the bouquet throwing!;)
Who caught it - you will see in another wedding post ;b 

What i find completely amazing in Richard and Lala is how calm they remained during the commotion and planning and organization of this day. Amazing team work. And they both feel like two pieces perfectly found and put together. Same wave length. You know, when you start your sentences and somebody finishes them for you. That exact thing ;) They are two amazing sweet people who i wish all the best from the bottom of my heart and i couldn't have been more happier to be a tiny part of THEIR day ;) I am really thankful for that ;)

*P.S. A lot of the group photos and many more photos taken at the wedding were not included in this post because then i would never be able to finish it.You can contact Lala for more photos ;) *


  1. обалденно, нет слов! ты такая молодец, фантастика а не фотографии :)) очень атмосферно и душевно!

  2. так классно! фото потрясающие, жених и невеста суперкрасивые.
    ты молодец! )




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