Am - 22 year's old - Communication Science Master Student - Aspiring journalist and photographer - photofreak - tvshows&movies junkie - music addict. 

Currently living in Vienna, Austria. Lived in Moscow, Russia. Spent my summers in Zagreb and Zadar, Croatia & Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina. 

- Photography  is a way of documenting things. When you start analyzing certain periods of your life, you notice how important the details are. Photography helps me remember who i was in that certain moment of time. It's a way of looking at yourself and seeing how you changed. Your views, opinions, your surroundings, people you used to know, friends you used to spend time with. What used to be important.
I'd love to say that i make photos as a part of this grand project,that will allow me to look back once i'm older. But i don't. I used to make scrapbooks of my favorite movies&music, enormous lists that would go on and on.
But i don't anymore.
It is not about finding the time.
It is just about focusing on how you feel. It brings me certain power and satisfaction to make things look more beautiful than they really are.

- Music is for being whole. Nothing can fix you better, improve your mood, make you sing and dance one moment and then cry the next.

- Movies & Books are for inspiration.

- Clothes are a way of expressing yourself, while still remaining individually and truly yourself. 


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professional photographer, based in Vienna, Austria. This is a personal photo/fashion/inspirational blog which i will try to update on a regular basis. :)