Laugh at the girl who loved too easily

So i have been procrastinating making an update ;) I have 2 Photo-sets to post and to finally make a proper introduction post and like million other things i wanted to do. But Autumn is here and it's getting darker and all i wanna do is cuddle or lay in my bed and eat muffins xD On the path of obesity yeap? ;D Also University is slowly kicking in and i have a feeling that sooner i will be crawled under a pile of work on my table. But so far it's good. I'm procrastinating everything and cuddling with my muffins. Autumn also means it's not too warm and yet not too cold and that means my RED MANGO COAT.

I was also on a project for University yesterday, shooting about this camp place in Vienna. The only difference is people are living there the whole year around. Homeless people, poor students, people who just like being close to nature. And afterwards i just got so angry at this world. And even at myself a bit. Because sometimes we are not aware of how easy we have it. Because some of the people get it all just like that with a snap of their fingers, and others have to struggle their whole life. Because good people get screwed. Because life is unfair. I could go on and on, but yeah. This has been kinda in my head for these last few days.

On the good note, my favorite band - Mumford&Sons is coming to Vienna in March ;) A friend of mine (also a fellow blogger - you can check her amazing posts at Fragile Birds <3) was super sweet and reserved tickets for us! I can't even begin to describe how excited i am! I am  just gonna cross my fingers that everything goes well ;D

Stay tuned for photo posts! :)


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