Artist of the week: Alexis Mire

This time around i have the absolute pleasure to present you and get to know a bit better one of my favorite photographers. Meet Alexis (Lexi) Mire, 21 year old photographer from Jacksonville, Florida. She is currently studying photography at the university level and will graduate in about a year. She is absolutely amazing when it comes to self portraits and portraits in general, and she is also branching out in other directions ;) 

If you could only use 3 words, how would you describe yourself at this exact moment in your life?
Inspired, excited and sun kissed (is that two words?)

When did you first got interested in photography? 
My interest in photography started when I was about fourteen, I was just taking silly pictures of my feet and the ground. I went on to taking photos of my friends for their myspace profile pictures for fun. Once I discovered flickr, my interest turned into a passionate love. I realized I wanted to make photos and not just pictures, if that makes sense.

Do you want to work as a professional photographer in the future?
Ideally it would be awesome to be a professional fine art photographer, I will always take pictures no matter what! But I would also really love to work in a gallery or a museum. 

What equipment do you use?
For digital I shoot with a canon 5d mk II with a canon 28mm 1.8, a canon 50mm 1.8, a canon 35mm 1.4 and a kind of broken canon 50mm 1.4. For film I usually just use my mamiya rb67 with a polaroid back.
From all the remarkable photos you took, which one is the most exceptional one for you and why?
That's a huge question! But I would say right now I really like -> 
This photo and this series in general because I worked so hard to make it happen and was so proud of it at the end. I hand made all of the costumes and the set and it was just so rewarding for me when it all came together to make a cohesive series. 

Before clicking the shutter, do you have a clear concept in your head of what it is you are trying to capture? How big of a role does editing play in the whole process?
Usually, in my work, I go into a shoot having a vague idea in mind of what I want and then over time throughout the shoot I really figure out what I want out of my images. It's a trial and error process for me. I am trying to get better at planning because I have intricate shoots in mind these days and I really can't go into them with absolutely no idea in mind, it will just fall apart. I have to make the props and the set and the whole thing. I want my work to become more intentional and less accidental. Happy accidents are great, like magic almost, but I can't always rely on them.

Where do you get your inspiration? Any photographers & artists you look up to?
I get my inspiration everywhere. Recently I have been really inspired by performance and circuses, but right now I am really into art history, especially baroque art. I love catholic symbolism and saints, it's all really intriguing to me. I think you can be inspired by anything and it's so important to find thing you like and to pursue them further. Research is so important because you might like a subject, but after such searching you could end up madly in love with it. There is always more to learn and to see. My top photo inspirations right now are Jordan Tiberio, Lissy Laricchia and Gregory Crewdson. 

What do you do when you have inspiration withdrawal?
I usually pace around looking for little spots that have pretty lighting or scenery, I browse the internet, look through my books or flip through my journals that have random thoughts written down in them. Sometimes I just lay down and try to think of the most absurd things possible and let my mind wander through a bunch of imagery until I reach something that is ridiculous, but so visually stimulating. It's nice to keep a daily diary of ideas, I can't say that I write in mine daily though. I guess the best thing to remember is that it's okay to be inspired by strange things, it's wonderful even. Make photos of whatever you want, really. 

Are there certain things you haven't tried yet (photography wise) and are looking forward to do in the near future?
Yes I would love to work with a make up artist or stylist on a shoot, that could be really fun. I would also love to work with more than two models in one image. Although intimidating, it would be a blast. 

What is the one thing that makes you different from everybody else?
My ridiculous impulsive behavior that often leads to trouble, and also beautiful images that would have never existed if I hadn't taken a chance. 

Thank you to Lexi for being such a sweetheart and answering all my questions ;) Make sure you check her blog and facebook and flickr page! Tons of amazing photos and a box of ideas and inspirations for the future :)

Stay tuned for more updates!




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